Tahoe Saté €5,50 Vegetarian satay, 3 pieces

Tom Yam Hed €5,50 Spicy mushroom soup, coriander with/without coconut milk

Tom Yam Koeng €7 Shrimp soup with/without coconut milk, mushrooms and coriander

Tom Yam Kai €6 Chicken soup with/without coconut milk, mushroom and coriander

Pangsit Chicken €6 Herbs with minced chicken in crispy dough, 3 pieces

Kai Saté €6,50 Chicken satay, 3 pieces

Koeng Hom Pha €6 Mini shrimp springrolls, 4 pieces

Pee Sua Thoad €6 Fried butterfly shrimps, 4 pieces

Poh Piah Kai / Jhee €6 Thai spring rolls. Vegetarian 4 pieces or with chicken 3 pieces