Massaman Kai €10 Chicken breast in massaman curry with potato, onions, coconut milk and cashew nuts

Lap Kai €9 Minced chicken breast in lemon juice with tomato, cucumber, onions, chili and coriander

Keng Phed Kai €9 Chicken breast with bamboo and green beans in a red curry with coconut milk

Keng Khiew Waan Kai €9 Chicken breast in green curry, green beans, bamboo and coconut milk

Kai Med Mah Muang €9 Stir fried chicken breast with vegetables and cashew nuts

Kai Nam Man Hoy €9 Chicken breast with vegetables in oyster sauce

Kai Kratiam Prik Thai €9 Chicken breast with garlic, vegetables, white pepper and coriander

Kai Prieaw Waan €9 Chicken breast with pineapple and vegetables in sweet and sour sauce