Khai Luk Koay €7 Egg cooked than deep fried in tamarin sauce

Grilled Beef €15,50 Marinated beef from the grill served with spicy and sour sauce

Spicy Seafood €17,50 Mix of shrimps, cooked squid and garlic oil served with Thai spicy sauce

Sea Bass with Saus small/big €25,50 small €28,50 big With choice of: Sweet & sour sauce, red curry sauce or garlic & white pepper sauce

High Cocktail for 2 €37,50 2 spring rolls, 2 fish cakes, 2 satay, spicy salad with chicken and 2 cocktails

High Beer for 2 €26,50 Cashew nuts, grilled beef, shrimp crackers and 2 Beer