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About Our Restaurant

It's all about our spices and the best cocktails selected for you to enjoy.

Spices are more than just herbs. They are aromas, fresh leaves from plants. Sun dried for optimum taste. Herbs and spices are used as natural preservatives. Some contain essential oils and antioxidants. Spices in our food find it's origin in various parts of plants, such as fruit, roots, leaves, bark, seeds and so on. We create the best Thai food with these spices. Enjoy your meal.

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Why Choose Us


Good spices make good dished. Great spices make great dished. Great spices in combination with our love for cooking, make excellent dishes.


Everybody loves a good cocktail now and then. Come try our signature cocktails and get the best you can get.


The great cosy atmosphere gives you an opportunity for a great evening out with your friends or loved-ones. Our guests are always welcome to come by and relax and feel re-enegized after a good meal and some nice drinks.